Popular 1xBet betting strategies

March 14 2023

1xBet offers many different sports betting strategies, here are some of the most popular:

  • Martingale strategy: this method is based on doubling the bet size after each loss. The aim of this strategy is to cover losses and make a profit.
  • Fixed odds strategy: With this strategy, the betting amount does not change, it remains the same throughout the game.
  • First choice strategy: A favourite strategy is to bet on the team that has the highest ranking or the highest odds. This strategy is used to minimise the risks and increase the probability of winning.
  • Flat Betting Strategy: With this strategy, the betting amount remains constant regardless of whether you win or lose. The objective of this strategy is to minimise your risk and maintain a steady profit.
  • Systematic Betting: A systematic betting method, which involves betting on a number of events simultaneously. If at least one bet wins, the winnings will be greater than if you had bet on each event individually.
  • Corridor strategy: This is a method which involves betting on two opposite bets at the same time, so that you are guaranteed a win, regardless of the outcome.

It is important to understand that no strategy guarantees a win, so it is important to remain cautious and responsible for your decisions when playing.

What 1xBet players bet on most often 

1xBet players bet on a variety of sports, depending on their personal preference and knowledge of their particular field. Here are some of the most popular sports most often bet on by 1xBet players:

  • Football: football is the most popular sport to bet on at 1xBet. There is a wide range of tournaments and events, from international tournaments to national championships.
  • Basketball: Basketball is also a big favourite with 1xBet players. Events ranging from national leagues to international tournaments can be found here.
  • Tennis: Tennis is one of the most popular sports for betting at 1xBet. A wide variety of tournaments can be found here, including Grand Slam and ATP tournaments.
  • Hockey: Hockey is also a popular sport for betting at 1xBet, including international tournaments and national championships.
  • American football: American football is very popular with 1xBet players, especially in the USA.
  • Baseball: Baseball is also popular with 1xBet players, especially in the USA and Japan.
  • Boxing and MMA: Boxing and MMA are also popular sports for betting at 1xBet, especially in big tournaments and bouts.

It is important to remember that every player has different preferences, and the choice of what to bet on depends on individual knowledge and experience.