1xbet: partnership and sponsorship, benefits for players

September 15 2023

1xbet is an active partner and sponsor in the world of sports and entertainment. The company aims to promote its brand and strengthen its position in the global market by supporting various sporting events, teams and activities. Below are some well-known examples of 1xbet partnerships and sponsorships:

  1. Partnerships with football clubs: 1xbet has been an official partner and sponsor of several major football clubs, including Barcelona and Chelsea. These partnerships have allowed 1xbet to increase its visibility and presence on football pitches.
  2. Partnerships with sporting events: The company has also partnered with various sporting events and tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and other international and national competitions.
  3. Broadcast sponsorship: 1xbet provided sponsorship for broadcasts of sporting events, which increased the interest in sports among viewers.
  4. Partnerships with famous athletes: The company partnered with famous athletes and sports legends such as Andriy Shevchenko, Ronaldinho and others.
  5. Partnerships with entertainment events: 1xbet has also expanded its presence in the entertainment world by supporting various cultural and arts events and projects.

Partnerships and sponsorships help 1xbet to promote its brand and attract new customers.

1xbet benefits for players

1xbet offers a number of benefits for players who bet on sports and gamble on its platform. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Wide selection of bets and games: 1xbet provides a rich selection of sports betting, including pre-match and live betting. It also offers a variety of gambling games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and more. This gives players plenty of opportunities to have fun and win.
  2. High odds: 1xbet usually provides competitive odds for sports betting, which allows players to receive higher payouts if they win.
  3. Bonuses and promotions: The company offers various bonuses and promotions for players including first deposit bonus, casino freespins, cashback and other bonus offers. This allows players to increase their bankroll and get additional benefits.
  4. Mobile app and mobile version: 1xbet has developed a user-friendly mobile app and mobile version of the website, making bets and games available on mobile devices, increasing convenience for players.
  5. Variety of sporting events: The company offers betting on a variety of sports and sporting events including football, basketball, tennis, hockey, baseball and more. This means that players can bet on their favourite sports.
  6. Support and Help Desk: 1xbet provides a help desk where players can get help and answers to their questions. This is important for players’ confidence.
  7. Security and licensing: The company ensures the security of player data and has licences from the relevant gambling regulators, which ensures player confidence.

It is important to remember that gambling entertainment can involve risks, and 1xbet always supports responsible play and cautions against excessive betting. It is advisable to set limits and respect your financial capabilities before playing for real money.